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Aunty’s Panties

He did, and quickly! I pulled the panties over his face in an act of humiliation and pushed him onto the bed

I emerged from the steamy shower, dabbing away with the towel all over my body, pressing it against my large breasts and between my legs to soak up the wetness. I wrapped my hair in a towel, dried off the rest of my gorgeous toned body, then went to the guest bedroom at my step-sister’s flat. She was out at the moment, so there was only me and my 20-year-old nephew, James, there. I went into my suitcase to put on my favourite lingerie, but couldn’t find it. How odd. It seemed that my panties always went missing on every visit here…

I decided to investigate the situation after running a comb through my damp hair and slipping into a red satin robe and high-heeled marabou slippers, and surprised my step-nephew by walking in on him without knocking on his bedroom.

To say he was startled was an understatement. Phone in one hand, my panties in the other, there he was, masturbating. Or at least he was until he froze in pure shock!

“Give the phone to me!” I demanded. I had caught my nephew so off-guard that he had no choice but to. But when I looked at what had been his wank-fodder, it was my turn to be taken aback!

“You’re wanking over pictures of me you’ve found on the internet!”

“I didn’t know it was you Aunty, I just found them and thought they were nice,” he blustered.

“Really? Well I don’t know who you thought it was…they have a phoenix tattoo EXACTLY the same as mine.”

James looked mortified. He had to fess up now. “Okay Aunty. I found your profile on the internet and I’ve really been enjoying your content. I’ve always had a thing for you…and your panties! Just please don’t tell my parents about this as they’d think I was a pervert.”

“You ARE a pervert James! A terrible pantie pervert. You’re going to have to play by my rules if you want me to keep your perversions a secret!” I noticed a pair of my leopard print panties, another pair that had mysteriously disappeared, on his bedside chest of drawers. I picked them up and noticed the stain inside them, fresh from when I’d been filming a clip of me playing with myself just before my shower.

“Get undressed James.” He did, and quickly! I pulled the panties over his face in an act of humiliation and pushed him onto the bed. His cock was hard and throbbing. “I can see you want me…but you’re going to get some serious teasing before you get my pussy!”

“Please Aunty, I’d love for you to ride me,” he begged.

“Not yet! As I said, you play by my rules!” And with that, I pushed James back onto his bed and pulled my panties over his face with the gusset right over his nose and mouth. I took my robe off, and sat on his face facing his cock, so that he had my ass cheeks pressing the panties so that my aroma was inhaled deeper into his nostrils. At the same time, I spat on his hard cock and began to wank it gently. I suspected that my step-nephew was a furious masturbator, and he wasn’t used to the art of edging.

“What time’s your Mum due back home James?”

“In about three hours.” And there lay the challenge…to keep James at the brink of orgasm for that long!

Since I had brought along some toys for making my movie clips, I brought them into James’ room to share with him. I tied up his cock and balls tight with shoelaces so that they swelled even bigger. I teased him, dragging my long red nails all over his body, but especially his bulging balls. He began to leak precum steadily, which he sucked greedily from my fingers as I fed him. I got my vibrating wand out to drive him even closer to his limits, until he found it too intense…then a bit more..! I gave him a prostate massage as I edged him, giving him a whole body orgasm that made him shudder all over, without him having an ejaculatory orgasm…that would be at the final furlong.

James’ repeatedly begged me to make him cum…but he knew what he’s signed up for: to play by my rules. After him being so close, so many times, I was feeling horny, and his Mum was due back very soon…so it was time to climb aboard his cock and give my nephew the ride of his lifetime! I was very wet after controlling his orgasm for so long, so I wanted mine now…so I slid onto his cock, which had now been solid hard for three hours, and swung my hips hard! My tight pussy clenched around his eager cock, which was so desperate to cum. I fucked him while pushing my panties firmly onto his face, affirming his title of a “pantie pervert” and driving myself to a huge orgasm. As my pussy contracted around his cock, I felt James twitching inside of me as he finally got to come too. What an end to his first edging session with Aunty.

Just as I had slipped my robe back on and was about to go back to the guest bedroom, my sister unexpectedly opened the door to James’ room and came in. “Are you okay? Are you looking for something in my son’s room?”

“Nothing that I need back,” I said cryptically. At least I let James keep a small memento of our moment of lust…

while pushing my panties firmly onto his face, affirming his title of a “pantie pervert” and driving myself to a huge orgasm.


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