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And what a home-coming - JOI

I am very pleased to be back in London again after some extensive touring this year. It has been a fantastic experience to visit all the cities I’ve been to this year across the UK, but I can honestly say that home is where the heart is, and I’ll be spending more time in my adopted native London over the next few months!

And what a home-coming I received here when a very sexy young man, Damon, came to see me in one of my usual London haunts this week, wanting me to dominate him. He’d never received Jerk-Off Instruction before, and I felt this was the time to test his orgasmic control. He was very much into sexy older women taking the lead on him.

After he showered, I subjected him to a body inspection, in which I objectified him and commented on all of his attributes, giving marks out of ten for them. Fortunately enough, he had a very nice cock, which I tied up so that it bulged beautifully.

I commanded Damon to get on the bed while I restrained him with my soft, black rope. Wrists and ankles were securely fastened so that he was going nowhere. I began to tease him by touching, kissing and licking his body in various places. Particularly his sides. He had very nice sides, which I enjoyed flicking my tongue over and making him squirm with ticklishness.

I teased Damon with my body, standing above him in my heels, and gradually disrobing step by step until I was naked in my heels. His cock was so utterly rock hard. I spat on his cock from this great height and it landed bang on target. I laughed playfully at Damon. Then I lowered myself and straddled him so that I was crouching with my pussy in his face. He knew what he had to do, and he didn’t disappoint, making me come in less than a couple of minutes, horny as he was.

It was time for Damon’s first JOI session now, and I instructed him to follow me counting to 50, with the ejaculation on 50. There were penalties for early or late ejaculation! But to complicate matters, I put on my strap on and got Damon to suck it while I counted. My goodness, he was good at giving head!

But I knew that what turned Damon on the most was watersports. So when we reached the count of 35, I untied him and led him into the shower. He lay down, with me still counting. At 45, I starting pissing on him. He was incredibly aroused by this point but managed to hold on until 50. What happened at 50 was quite spectacular…a torrent of cum, gushing like a fountain all over Damon’s body. I think it even surprised him.

However, I was most impressed by the fact that this young man had displayed such accuracy first time round, and had hit target on his very first JOI!


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