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And so 24 hours of delight, decadence and depravity began...

Wow, is it really the end of January already? Well that was a whirlwind and a half! Especially considering I’ve spent most the first month of 2020 in my home territory of London...except for one real treat from a regular client, Seb, that I travelled north for.

Manchester has been one of my favourite northern towns to tour to. I am always welcomed so warmly there and seem to bring all the kinksters out of their shells and into my bed. But this time I was here with someone who also was travelling from the south, an erudite, eloquent gentleman with a deeply naughty streak. I was to be his overnight companion for a rich mix of culture and kink.

We met in the lobby of Seb’s hotel and greeted each other like long-lost friends! I was wearing a red lace knee-length dress with a very scooped neckline, but my cleavage at that time was hidden beneath a black silk scarf and my warm winter coat, which had a fur collar. 4” shiny Kurt Geigers and black seamed stockings completed the look along with a black beret, which looked fabulous with my blonde hair and red lipstick. And so 24 hours of delight, decadence and depravity began...

We began at afternoon tea, where Earl Grey and scones with jam and fresh cream were being served on the top floor of the hotel we were in. It was a decidedly crisp, fresh winter day, so there was a clear view of the entire city from where we were sitting. We shared our latest dirty stories, as Seb loved hearing what I had got up to recently on my deviant sexual encounters. I loved turning Seb on while delivering the gory details in a low, sexy voice that would melt any mortal being, and indeed we had to wait a while for Seb’s hard-on to dissipate before going back to his room to leave my bag.

I had already worked him up into a passionate state so I encouraged him to pin me to the floor-to-ceiling glass (oh joy, we had a corner window!) on Seb’s 27th floor room. He got his cock out and teased me with it before giving me our first fuck of the meeting. All I can say is that I’m so pleased that those windows were made of reinforced glass because that was an exhilarating ride!

However, Seb was mainly submissive and quite a pain slut. He had brought along a couple of canes (a dragon and a kooboo) for me to use on him. What better way to continue our afternoon of adventure than six of the best with each? My marks were harsh and accurate. It was a pity that we were heading to a concert hall next to sit down on wooden seats for two hours. That would hurt...

We strode into the foyer of the concert hall and were welcomed with a glass of champagne! Ah, so civilised. We mingled a little with the others present, and I soon found myself talking to one of the cellists, a handsome young guy who I had good conversation with over our shared musical interests. I couldn’t help thinking that Seb noticed and was a little jealous...feeling cuckolded and turned on. Never mind - at least there were twelve red stripes on his bottom at that moment to remind him of my devotion.

We sat down on quite hard wooden seats...poor Seb! It was going to be an uncomfortable experience. But at least he had the music of Tchaikovsky and Prokofiev to take his mind off his bottom. I distracted him by telling him all about my background in classical piano and singing until the orchestra sat down and the conductor launched into some extracts from “Romeo and Juliet”.

“How’s your bottom feeling?” I asked Seb at the end of the concert.

“Pretty numb actually”.

I told him not to worry, and that I would soon spice things up and get the blood flow moving again. As we were leaving the concert hall, being two of the last to leave, I pulled him into the ladies toilets, into a cubicle, where I pulled down his pants and gave his bottom a nice rub. However, I decided to insert a vibrating anal toy into him at that moment. Remote control of course, and guess who had the remote? Seb was slightly apprehensive, but loved this kind of naughty activity and relented. I pulled up his pants and he fastened his trousers. We were off for a meal in a restaurant that he would never forget.

I chose not to operate the buzzy toy until we sitting down in Seb’s favourite Mancunian Italian restaurant. We were welcomed warmly by the maître’d there, who knew Seb from previous visits, a very charming man who Seb clearly wanted to give a good impression to. But my companion loved a once we’d decided on our meals, the maître’d came over and was confronted with a man who was doing his best to disguise his discomfort and simultaneous pleasure while I ensured that his G-spot was firmly stimulated directly from my own hand. I had to stifle my giggles...such fun!

After a delicious Italian meal (I had a seafood linguine and we shared a bottle of Savignon Blanc), we jumped in a cab headed back to the hotel for more fun. I flashed my Wolford stocking tops to Seb to get him in the mood for more when we returned. Once again in our plush corner bedroom, now overlooking Manchester at night, I treated Seb to a lengthy edging session with some tie and tease, and vibrating toys of course! It felt good to dominate him both remotely and hands-on. What a climax to a thrilling day!

We had a pleasant continental breakfast in the rooftop restaurant the next morning, but I could not convince Seb to keep the vibrating butt plug in, that was quite enough for him! So instead we people-watched and invented all manner of sexy back-story for everyone present at breakfast, down to the fine details of their sex lives. Seb very generously gifted me with the two canes to take back to London, something which was I had already invested in a hockey stick bag to transport them in...I just hope that nobody would question me about my knowledge of hockey on the train home (I was always more of a netball girl anyway...).

A true gentleman, Seb made sure I had a safe send-off from the station, and gave me a warm hug before I reached my platform, all manner of toys and implements packed away until my next visit.


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