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 I revelled in every single stroke of my strap-on dick in and out of his butt. It really felt like Mother Nature’s revenge!
I revelled in every single stroke of my strap-on dick in and out of his butt. It really felt like Mother Nature’s revenge!

After easily getting into his bedroom (being trained to an elite level in break and entry), I found the piece de resistance quite simple to get my hands on: the laptop belonging to the CFO of one of the world’s worst polluters, Petroarch. It was all going to be a breeze. I just needed to get the information I needed on my USB stick (a 5-minute operation) and I would be out the door. In went the USB stick as I located the folder I needed conveniently on his desktop, the contents of which would expose Petroarch for the environmental decimators that they were. I waited for the folder to download…and it was 97% done…when I heard the door handle being turned. I slipped into the bathroom to buy time until the CFO realised his belongings had been tampered with. I was sick and tired of hiding and being the prey in these situations. As I climate change activist, I needed to get active and be the predator!

The millisecond that the CFO cottoned onto what was going on, I leapt out of the bathroom with my lengths of rope. The element of surprise had left him dumbfounded, and he froze rather than fleeing or fighting. He was an easy prey, who I overcame by wrestling him to the bed, pinning him down and deftly securing the rope around his wrists and ankles as well as gagging him. Tied to the bed, he’d be unable to escape from my eager grasp, and unable to cry for help or contact anyone. I straddled him. It was so satisfying to have such a powerful and influential man between my thighs. I gripped him tightly between them as I contemplated the many atrocities that Petroarch had committed. Now that he was lying shackled and beneath me, the fun could begin.

“I was counting on not having a close encounter with you, but since I’ve got you under me and your data is now on my USB key, I’ll share some information with you that I have on you. The Eco Rebels, who I work with…”

The CFO rolled his eyes at the very name of my organisation…and received a stinging slap for his reaction.

“The Eco Rebels have some rather interesting intelligence on you and your personal preferences. Apparently you are partial to a bit of pegging!”

He started to look very nervous and mumbled something desperately through the gag. That was all the confirmation I needed to rifle through his travel bags…and it wasn’t long before I found a few items that were phallic…some larger than others!

“Hmmm I don’t think you were quite expecting to get fucked by an Eco Rebel today…but here I am!”

I fastened the largest phallus of them all onto a harness from the bag and strapped it firmly around my waist and hips. I was going to give this CFO the pegging punishment he deserved on behalf of Mother Nature! I positioned myself so that I could look him in the eye with every pelvic thrust I made. The huge strap-on cock lay at the entry point to his ass. I sunk it in deeply and watched his face contort…with an emotion that was difficult to interpret…

“THIS is for the oil slick in the North Sea!” I whispered menacingly while I launched my phallus into him. He squirmed almost uncontrollably.

“THIS is for what Petroarch’s done in the Amazonian rainforests.” Another major stroke of the big cock put him in his place.

“And THIS is for displacing indigenous communities around the world!” One hell of a thrust meant I was balls deep inside the CFO.

“And these…are just because I’m enjoying fucking your slutty ass.” I pushed his knees up against his shoulders and began to pound.

As soon as felt satisfied that he’d taken the pounding he deserved, I took off the harness but left the cock inside of him, taped to his butt cheeks with gaffer tape. I grabbed the USB stick, which now had all the data I needed.

“Goodbye Mr CFO. I think I’ll leave you like this. Someone will find you eventually!”

The muffled cries were almost hysterical as I left the hotel room and fled down the emergency exit to jump in a van driven by one of my female colleagues. It was only later that we discovered that we had not only got all the data we hoped for on the stick, but also a few choice home porn movies of the CFO engaging in his favourite sexual act!


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