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A Fairer Sex Session

Updated: May 17, 2022

There had been more than two years of waiting for this moment. It had originally been meant to happen just when the first lockdown was announced. I had looked forward to it as much as she had. So when the call came through, my bi side was alive with anticipation. My first solo female client had booked to see me that very same day…and this time there was nothing to stop us.

Bronwyn arrived at my studio space, a vivacious kinky brunette in a smart, shirt dress with a lust for trying out new sexual experiences. She had already had her fair share of MFF threesomes at fetish after-parties, but this was a different experience, she told me as we sipped wine together. The chat was easy, friendly and natural, but there was a point that the chat had to turn to action. I grabbed Bronwyn and kissed her, stroking her long brown hair as I did. Her kisses made me wet. We became more passionate, touching each others’ curves, feeling for hard nipples and exploring each others’ necks with our tongues. It was truly electric!

Clothes were pulled off in a frenzy and discarded as we continued our highly-charged tryst as we stripped each other down to our almost identical Honey Birdette sets, lingerie at it’s most elegant, finished off by black sheer stockings. My clit was already throbbing and I wanted to taste Bronwyn.

I had started the day unaware I would eat out a beautiful cunt, but here it now was, soft and completely shaven…and inches from my hungry tongue. We immediately slid our bodies into a 69 position, and slipped each other’s panties to the side. I knew I was very juicy, as I’d had those twingey feelings in my stomach already. Bronwyn confirmed this, but more importantly she was soaking wet too! Fabulous instant mutual pussy-licking chemistry as we worked our tongues around each other’s clits while adding a finger or two to go deeper inside. I came first. Did I ever tell you that I love my job?

I’ve always been a clitoral cummer, but Bronwyn very much got her orgasmic pleasure from her pussy. I put on one of my strap-ons, this particular 7.5 inch one having been designed for use by lesbians. We started off with her on her back as I plunged my strap-on dick deep inside her juicy cunt as I looked at her lovely green eyes while pounding her on top…and being pounded was what she loved! The more she moaned, the deeper my thrusts got…but I needed them to be deeper. I pulled her up from my bed and pushed her face down ass up onto my spanking bench. She was now in the perfect position to really feel my dick! Pushing down with my hands on the small of her back, she lifted her gorgeous bottom higher, inviting me for even deeper strokes, long ones, so she could feel the full length of my strap-on cock inside her very wet hole.

However, the orgasm came with a swift position change with me lying down on my bed. Bronwyn slid down my phallus and we moved our hips in harmony so she could get the most of it hitting her G-spot. It did, repeatedly, driving her to a heightened and prolonged climax. Oh yes, yes, yes! I LOVE my job!!!

Oh yes, yes, yes! I LOVE my job!!!

Another drink after our doubly satisfying session, but this time with water to rehydrate after such an energetic session. All along with some tender strokes on bare skin and some last fluttery kisses. Did I ever tell you that I love my job?


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