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Exploring a variety of kinks and creative fantasies that each guest author specialises in. I hope you enjoy them and please follow the links to visit their pages.


Night of a thousand dreams

By Matt

Night of a Thousand Dreams


The corridor was dark and I glanced nervously to my right where my fellow neophyte stood masked and like me clad in bondage wear. We had never met before being led into this space from our room. I felt the first stirring of thrill and fear that we would both be expected to perform. I caught her eye glancing back at me and recognised her anxiety echoing mine.


“Keep focussed!” snapped Lady Phoenix as she attached our leashes to our collars and gave a little tug to switch us on. “The pair of you better perform at your best”. A crack of light showed around the door in front of us and the sound of pulsing EDM music beyond. “Show time!” Phoenix smirked as she tugged our leads and drew us forward.


The door opened and masked figures both male and female lounged in the gloom at the edges of the room as Phoenix led us to the spot-lit middle. She was dressed in a BDSM interpretation of a Victorian circus ringmaster - thigh high leather boots with delicious sheer corsetry lingerie and a PVC mini red frock jacket and top hat. “Kneel” she ordered, flexing a riding crop. We both, obedient as the circus animals we were, lowered our heads and dropped to our knees. An outbreak of mocking laughter from a female voice at the edge of the room and I felt my cheeks blush in shame. My heart was racing as I felt how vulnerable and exposed I was.


“This evenings hors d’oeuvres,” our ringmaster declared, stalking round behind us. I was forced to gasp as with a quick swish we were both whipped across our buttocks. Provoking more snorts of amusement from the audience. “I want to see her licked to pleasure,” a male voice called out.


“Do as the gentleman requests,” Phoenix responded. I firmly encouraged my co-performer to lie back against a cushion and eased her legs apart with gentle words of support, and ran a gloved hand across her now exposed pussy. She held the labia deftly open, and with a tug on my rein with other hand beckoned me to approach on all fours. Lightly at first and then with increasing hunger I lapped at this strangers clitoris, tasting her scent and growing wetness. I lost myself in it and though I could hear rustling and sensed the crowd craning to get a better view, I no longer cared. Her hips were bucking now and I heard gasped intakes of breath and it excited me that I was on the edge of bringing someone whose name I did’t even know to orgasm.


Abruptly a cut glass female voice ordered: “Stop!” And instantly Phoenix pulled me off by my hair. “Let’s have them mate”. We were as animals to these people who I now noticed had come in from the edges and loomed over us. All were masked. Hands rolled a condom over my engorged erection and we were put to work.


Voices offered both encouragement and mocked my performance as we writhed under their glare. Phoenix whipped me across the buttocks with the crop, laughing. I sense we were both just starting to reach the pre-orgasm escalation when Phoenix shouted enough and we were pulled apart. My fellow neophyte was taken by one half of the group to one corner of the room to service their desires. I looked up and Phoenix was standing over me, and had climbed into an intimidatingly large strap-on. “Suck me” she ordered and I complied, taking the dildo into my mouth.


“Now suck him”. I drew back and one of the crowd had stepped forward. I pause. I had never done this before. “Don’t make me repeat myself!” Phoenix called ferociously. I closed my eyes, took his cock and did my best. My hand was led to another which I started wanking off. More cracks of the crop landed on me and the room started filling with the sounds of sex as couples started fucking all around us.


I was pushed down and a woman mounted my face. I urgently started queening this delicious pussy. I felt Phoenix’ gloved hands in the pits of my knees, pushing my legs back and opening me. I knew what was coming as she expertly guided her strap-on into me and fucked me with growing power with her vibrating dildo. The pleasure was overwhelming, my prostate a-glow with shuddering and an extended orgasm. I had excelled in my job of licking pussy and the woman climbed off me. I could now see the whole room was a shuddering mass of urgent coupling.


Phoenix smiled at me as she slid out of me and wriggled out of her harness. “You have done a good job for me,” she says as she rolled a fresh condom onto my now painfully erect member. “Time for a reward,” she smirked as she slowly and teasingly fed me into her glorious cunt. “Please mistress,” I murmur. The orgasm when it came was intense and to the soundtrack of a room of people crying out in their own worlds of pleasure...

Justice on Valentine's Day

By Valentina Velvet for Lady Phoenix

He had finally worn me down.


All the pestering at the gym water fountain. The smiles from a distance over the cardio equipment, which almost always ended with him catching his own reflection and smiling to himself. The messages to my Facebook. The coincidental run ins at the coffee shop. It seemed never-ending. So when he'd cornered me on my way to the changing room, told me he'd booked somewhere special for Valentine's day and that he expected me to join him, I sighed and agreed. He had finally worn me down.


As I sat opposite him in the glossy dining room that oozed fake sophistication, I smiled and nodded for what seemed like the thousandth time. There he was, rabbiting on and on and on about himself, only pausing to seductively smile at whichever woman caught his attention, or worse, his own reflection in the mirrored dining room wall we had unfortunately been sat beside. He really was something to look at: a beautifully crafted athletic physique, coated in a crisp Italian white shirt, tight tailored trousers and frosted with a huge Rolex that resembled a Tunnock's teacake; the man looked good. It was just a shame that his beyond-inflated ego seeped through and destroyed any redeeming qualities about him. Yet, here I sat, in my black strappy Calvin Klein dinner dress, Kate Louboutins and seamed Wolford stockings for someone I greatly disliked. Yes, the man had finally worn me down.


"Babe, guess how much I can squat. Bet you'll never guess. Go on, take a guess", he fired at me. Riveting conversation.


"Pffffff.... oh I don't know, 150kg?", I threw out nonchalantly.


"HAAA!!!! Not even close, babe! 250. Two fifty kees, these bad boys can lift", as he slapped his thighs in admiration.


I didn't flinch.


"Have a feel. I bet you're dying to know what a real man feels like". He grabbed my hand and with serious force, pulled it towards his lap, causing me to startle and our table's contents to crash. Surrounding diners glanced over and sniggered to each other with amusement. I was mortified.


Completely unaware of the reaction of his date, or fellow diners, he continued.


"Yep, these beasts have won me many a competition, and many a woman, if you know what I mean", his voice raised and he animatedly winked at me, before searching around him for silent praise from our neighbours.


"Kill. Me. Now", I prayed.


You might wonder why I would put myself through such an ordeal. I knew of his reputation, I knew he bedded women from the gym, never called them back and laughed about it with his cronies as they spotted each other doing lifts. I knew this, yet here I sat, in my best black dress and heels. He had finally worn me down.


When the waiter brought the bill at the end of the meal, I audibly sighed with relief; my public humiliation was finally over.


"So babe, back to mine for a wee, het hem, nightcap?" he grinned at me and winked.


"God, could he be any less tactile?!", I grimaced to myself.


Now, it was showtime. I had sat through that torment for three full courses, I had to play this just right.


I fluttered my eyelashes at him "Wellllllll, babe, I thought we could go back to mine", I suggested sweetly.


"The party is wherever I am so just take the lead!" he declared triumphantly. He thought he had me, another notch on his bedpost, another rep to his repertoire.


We left the restaurant into the cool Glasgow air. I flagged down a taxi and opened the door for him. "After you, babe", I smiled with confidence.


On entering my apartment, the atmosphere buzzed. He immediately pounced at me, pushing me against the wall and trying to ram his hand up my dress.


"Wowwww, slow down there, Sparky, we're just in the door", I giggled coyly as I attempted to wriggle my dress back down to a modest length. I led him through to the lounge, gesturing him to take a seat on the deep purple velvet sofa.


"What's your poison?", I teased.


"Women", he replied without missing a beat.


I turned my back to him and moved towards the bar, rolling my eyes heavily. I took my time, dislodging ice cubes into two thick cut Royal Doulton tumblers, before filling them almost to the brim with caramel coloured liquid.


"So I hear", I remarked as I handed him the glass from my right hand before sliding in next to him.


We drank in silence for a minute or two before he launched himself at me, again.


"Ah, ah, ahhhh", I toyed, pushing him back to a seated position. "Drink up!" I said, shaking my glass at him as indication. He dutifully finished the remaining liquid in a few consecutive gulps, declaring his end with a wet-sounding burp. He really was a vile creature. Of course, my glass sat almost untouched, but he was now too tipsy and focused on his goal to notice.


"Room", he barked.


I slowly smiled. The drink had taken effect so much quicker than I had calculated, it must have been due to the remarkably low 6% body fat he kept going on about during dinner.


"Follow me", I instructed. I stood up and adjusted my dress. It was showtime. He had finally worn me down.


Laying on my ornate kingsize bed, I watched in amusement as he scrambled to remove his clothes, struggling with each button of his dazzling shirt. He ripped off the final item with breathlessness and a huge grin on his over-tanned face. He really did think he had won a watch.


"Your turn", he enthusiastically nodded.


I chuckled to myself. This was going to make it all worth it: the constant harassment; the embarrassing dinner; the vulgar way he touched me. It would be all worth it.


"Let's play a game", I prompted. "For every item I remove, you have to put one on".


I could see the confusion wash over his face as he tried to quickly work out what I was doing, but before he could answer, I unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor, revealing a stunning lingerie set I had bought for the very occasion from Honey Birdette. I knew this would convince him to stay and play my game.


I ran my deep-red manicured fingers up my leg, ensuring he could see every movement. I unclipped a stocking from my suspender belt and gently peeled it off before handing it to him.


"Put it on", I whispered.


"Wh-wh-what? You're joking, aren't you?" he stammered.


"You want me to take off my clothes, don't you?" I reasoned.


"Well, duhhhhhh", he responded.


"Good, so put it on", I stated simply.


He put it on.


I repeated this with my other stocking, handing it to him with a meaningful look in my eye. He dutifully put it on.


My hand ran over my body before reaching to my back to unhook my bra. I turned to face him before letting it cascade off my chest. His eyes bulged. I held out the bra, signalling him to put his arms through the straps for me. He hesitated before accepting that this was the game he had to play if he wanted his prize.


My lacey pants glided down my legs before I tartly kicked them off in his direction. "Put those on", I barked. The more he complied, the stronger I felt, and it felt amazing.


He now stood infront of me as a huge bulking creature, crammed into my delicious little lingerie. He tugged at the pieces uncomfortably, his ego was breaking.


"Can I take these off now and we can fuck? I did what you asked", he questioned.


"Hmmmm, I quite like a man in my underwear. I'd like for you to keep them on", I stated, leaving no room for negotiation.


"Do you want to fuck me?", I teased.


"I wouldn't be here if I didn't, would I, babe?" he guffawed.


He was in too deep now. A man like him would never leave defeated and without his prize. He'd never invest so much time and effort without the satisfaction of winning, and he'd certainly never go back to his cronies and tell them he failed. With a track record like his, the embarrassment of failure would knock him off the top man spot he believed he had.


My eyes glistened. "I'd looooove to fuck you, babe", I oozed at him. I pulled out my strap on and laid it on the bed. His eyes bulged.


"What the fuck is that, babe? I'm not into this kinky shit", he stammered as he backed away.


"You want to fuck me, don't you? So, I fuck you with this then you can fuck me and tell all your gym cronies about it, yes?", I reasoned. A man like him would never leave without obtaining his prize.


I stepped into my strap, pausing to ensure he could take in the full scope of what was about to take place. The worst tool that could be used against him was his own ego, and it was working.


He groaned.


"Urghhhh, I swear, you had better be worth this. I've been chasing you for too long to not find out!".


I lubed up my power of a dildo, before bending him over the end of my bed. Pushing his legs apart, I tugged my panties to the side and slowly slide the strap into him. He winced. Good, I wanted him to feel this. I wanted him to feel as fucked and used as all those women he slept with and never called back. Using that as my momentum, I glided in and out of him, ignoring his whimpers. I was now in a world of my own, with a sissy at the end of my dildo and righteousness on my mind. Pulling his hips towards me as I thrust deeply into him, I never missed a beat. I could feel him becoming weak beneath me; I had broken him. I thudded him faster and harder than I had ever fucked before. He had to know, to learn, to understand what was taking place here.


Eventually, I slowed my pace to a rhythmic stride. He had finally worn me down.


"Now, babe", I whispered in his ear as I continued to enter in and out of him. "This is where our game ends. It's been fun, hasn't it? You're going to leave here and if I ever hear of you mistreating and bragging about me or any other woman at our gym, your cronies are going to hear all about our date. They're going to hear how I dressed you up in my lingerie, bent you over and fucked you with my thick strap on until you couldn't move. Do you understand me?".


He mumbled in agreement.


I slipped out of him, sat down in exhaustion and watched as he undressed from my underwear, gathered his things up and left.


He had finally worn me down.


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The Transformation - Part One

By Slut Natasha for Lady Phoenix

I first met Paul in a hotel bar. He was a tall, masculine sort of fellow, dressed reasonably smartly in a pair of jeans and a shirt. The moment I saw him, I knew what he was. He recognised me from my photographs and came over to join me. I was wearing a red satin blouse, a tight black pencil-skirt, stockings and sky-high heels. It was no surprise that Paul seemed a little nervous. 


Paul explained that he wanted to become “a sex slave”. He said that he had read my blogs, and could not stop fantasising about being one of my male playthings. He went on to say that, in particular, he adored the photos and videos of me in lingerie, and wanted more than anything to be with me whilst I was dressed in that way. 


I looked Paul up and down, assessing him with my gaze. I took a sip of my drink, smiled, and said, “I love sex, Paul. I absolutely love it. I love the feeling of having a big cock inside me. It’s fabulous,”


Paul grinned at me, and I noticed a stirring in his trousers. I reached down, discreetly, and gently stroked his cock through his jeans.


“The problem is, Paul, that I already have plenty of wonderful men to have sex with. I have sex slaves, and I have Bulls. To be honest with you, I have more men than I know what to do with. I certainly don’t need another just now,”


I continued to rub Paul’s cock through his jeans, as I took another sip of my drink and listened to his stuttering reply, “but...but...Lady Phoenix! I want to be your sex slave so badly...I would do anything!”. 


“Anything, Paul? You would do anything?” I asked.


“Yes, Lady Phoenix! Anything!” he exclaimed. 


“Very well. Come with me,” and, with that, I took Paul by the hand and led him towards the lift. 


Once in the lift, I pulled Paul close to me and kissed him passionately. As we kissed, I held him close and again rubbed his cock through his jeans. I wanted him to be as aroused as possible: I did not want him backing out of what I had planned.


I led Paul into the room, and kissed him again. I unbuttoned his shirt, then told him to get undressed whilst I collected some things we would need. 


I returned to the room to find Paul naked, with a very hard erection. I walked behind him, and quickly bound his wrists together behind his back. Then I kissed him again, and ran my hands all over his body as I explained what I expected of him. 


“I don’t need another male sex-slave, Paul. I have made that very clear, yes?”


“Yes,” he replied. I slapped him. 


“Yes what?!” I demanded.


“Y..yes, Mistress?” he muttered. 


“I can’t hear you, bitch!” I said, holding his chin in one hand and glaring deep into his frightened eyes. 


“Yes Mistress!” he repeated. 


“Good. So, I do not need another male sex-slave...however, I always have vacancies for sissies. A woman can never have too many sissies,” I observed.


I pushed Paul up against the wall, his wrists still secured firmly behind his back, as I held a pack of frozen peas to his hard cock. “You cock is no longer a cock, bitch: it is a clitty. And your clitty belongs to me. It is mine to do with as I choose. You will never, ever play with it without my express permission. I am going to hold these frozen peas on your little clitty until it shrinks, and then I am going to lock it away.” 


Paul was trembling and stammering, but I could see in his eyes that this was what he wanted. I checked his clitty, and was pleased to see that the cold had done it’s job. I eased a pink chastity cage onto Paul’s clitty, and secured it in place with a small padlock. Then I kissed him again, my tongue hungrily exploring his mouth as I ran my hands all over his body...paying particular attention to his nipples and his buttocks. 


“Come with me, sissy,” I instructed, and I led Paul into the bathroom. I helped him to dress in a black satin bra, pink satin corset with pink suspender straps, black fishnet stockings, and long black satin gloves. Then I began to apply his make-up. After his foundation and blusher came huge fake eyelashes and, thanks to plenty of lipstick and lip-liner, lovely, plump dick-sucking lips. Once my new sissy’s make-up was perfect, I popped a long blonde wig on her head and quickly styled it into a pony-tail; I wanted her to wear her hair up, so that it didn’t get in the way when I put her to...ahem...‘work’...


I led my sissy to the bedroom. I made her kneel before me, and I showed her one of my pink sissy collars. I explained that the collar, like the chastity cage, marked her as my property. I asked her if she wanted to be my sissy slave and, kneeling there before me, she looked up submissively and girlishly whispered, “yes please, Mistress. Thank you.” 


“Good girl,” I said, smiling as I secured the pink sissy collar around her neck, “I have decided to call you Natasha. Do you understand?” 


“Yes, Mistress,”


“Good girl, Natasha,”


I produced a pair of panties. They were pink satin, double-lined so that Natasha would feel the satin on her buttocks, and around her caged clitty. It’s very important to keep trainee sissies very aroused, as well as completely chaste: particularly if you intend to slut-train them. The panties also had a hole in the rear, which was lined with pretty white lace. I helped Natasha into her new panties, and then kissed her again. 


I led Natasha over to the bed, I slipped off my blouse and skirt to reveal my gorgeous black lingerie, stockings and suspenders, and we lay down on the satin sheets together. We kissed passionately again, and I told Natasha that I wanted her to be a good girl for me. 


I held her close, stroking her, kissing her, and looking into her eyes, as I gently explained what I was going to do to her. 


“I want you to understand how this is going to work, Natasha. I know you have been fantasising about fucking me...fucking me hard, whilst I’m dressed in lingerie just like this...but that is never going to happen, Natasha. I am never going to allow you to fuck me,” I kissed her passionately again, before continuing, “in fact, Natasha, it goes further than that: not only will you never get to fuck me, but you’ll never have sex with any woman ever again. I’m going to train you to be a sex slave, Natasha, just like you asked. I’m going to train you to be my best sex slave, in fact. You’re going to have more sex than you ever thought possible...but none of it will be with women, sweetie. You’re one of my sissies now, and I train my sissies to love cock,”.


Natasha whimpered and her eyes filled with water, but she nodded submissively and I kissed her passionately again. “Good girl, Natasha. This is going to be so good for you. You’re going to serve me as my maid, and I’m going to teach you to pleasure Real Men - with your mouth and sissy-pussy - so that I can pimp you out. I intend to profit off you, you see. And there are thousands of Real Men who love dominating and fucking submissive little sissy sluts like you.”


Natasha whimpered again, and whispered, “...but Mistress, I’m...I couldn't take a cock...?” 


I smiled and stroked her face, “oh Natasha! You are so sweet. I know you have these inhibitions, you silly girl...but you will be very soon. I’m going to completely recondition your sexuality so that you become a cock-hungry little beta-bitch. I’m going to hypnotise you. Every day you are going to watch sissy porn, with Real Men fucking little sissies like you; you’re never going to watch straight porn again. I’m going to keep your little clitty safely locked away, and I’m only ever going to let you cum when you have a dildo - or a real cock - in your mouth or in your sissy-pussy. Before long, you’ll associate pleasure with giving head, and getting fucked. So don’t worry about taking cock, Natasha. By the time I’m finished reconditioning you, you will utterly addicted to cock. It won’t take fact, it can’t take long: my friend Master Elliot has already booked you for a hedonistic S&M weekend he’s hosting next month.” 

Natasha looked terrified. I kissed her again, and reassured her, “don’t worry, Natasha. You’ll love Master Elliot. He’s incredibly strict, but he’s so muscular and handsome. You’re a lucky girl,”


With that, I gently guided Natasha’s head down to my incredibly wet cunt. “All this talk of watching you getting fucked by Real Men has made me extremely horny, Natasha. Now, be a good girl, and make your Mistress cum,” 


To be continued...


By Sam for Lady Phoenix

As I walked up to Lady P's flat, I felt the usual frisson of excitement, wondering what games she'd thought of this time, and, since it was the day before Valentine's Day, I hoped she'd approve of the champagne I was bringing to help us celebrate!


When she closed the door behind me, I turned and she looked so statuesquely gorgeous with her beautifully wicked smile, her blonde hair cascading over her shoulders, her bright scarlet lipstick, and figure hugging clothes that she practically took my breath away.  She knew my preferences and was dressed to perfection:  high-heeled knee-length boots, black stockings, short black leather skirt, and a silky white blouse, through which I could just make out the outline of her bright red bra.  We kissed, softly at first but with increasing passion as our tongues fought for supremacy, and, as I stroked her leather skirt, I had the pleasure of feeling her suspender straps, so knew she was wearing stockings, not tights, and I could feel my excitement growing between my legs.


As I became even hornier, she grabbed my hand and told me firmly to go to the bathroom to shower and change while she poured the champagne.   Once in the bathroom I guessed exactly what type of session she had planned when I saw that she's laid out black fishnet stockings and suspenders and very pretty silky pink, crotchless, panties - and a pair of clip-on nipple tassles.


When I walked back into the bedroom, I saw her standing with two large glasses of champagne in her hands.  "Come here and kneel at my feet." she commanded. "That outfit really suits you and the nipple tassles finish it off nicely.  And suitably tarty for what I have in mind for you today. Now drink this, because you're going to need it as you submit to my will."


As I drank, and she told me what she had planned, she started unbuttoning her blouse, teasing me.  She tossed the blouse away and stood just beyond my reach and leaned over, so I had the beautiful sight of her cleavage and her nipples pressing against the soft, silky material.


"You want to see me naked, so you can worship me, don't you, my slave?"

"Yes, my Mistress," I replied,"I want to undo your bra so I can hold your beautiful, big breasts and suck your nipples to make them stand up erect.  And I want to pull down your panties, so I can bury my face in your pussy, smell the scent of your wetness, and slide my tongue into your pussy to taste you and lick you.  I'll do anything you want to give you pleasure, my Mistress."


She smiled wicked as she stretched over to her dressing table and picked up a pair of nipple clamps.  They were bigger than any she'd used before


"Finish your drink, I don't want you to spill any when I put these on you - and, if you're lucky, I might give you something else to drink before we're finished!  As you enjoy pain, I'm going to enjoy seeing just how much you can take before I let you worship me. Now put your hands behind your back and keep them there."


I gasped with the stinging pain and the burning sensation that followed as she clamped both nipples. She laughed cruelly as she pulled on the chain that joined them and the pain became excruciating.  Excruciating but just what I enjoyed!


"Just think, my slave, that pain's only going to get worse as I inflict all the other pain on you in a minute.  But I think I'm a bit overdressed at the moment, so I'll let you unzip my skirt to give me more freedom."


I did as I was told and her skirt fell to the floor, revealing bright scarlet panties, matching her bra.  I couldn't resist the temptation to grab her bottom and pull her towards me so I could kiss the panties and smell her but, as soon as I did it, I felt an agonising pain in my nipples as she backed away pulling the chain which made the teeth of the clamps sink deeply into my tender flesh and I couldn't stop myself crying out with the pain.


"You know that's against the rules, my slave, and you can only touch me when I give you permission.  So, go and kneel on the bed on your knees and elbows.  It's time you had some punishment."


I knew what was coming and looked forward to it with a mixture of fear and longing - I love the high that comes with pain, especially immediately after a thrashing, but I hoped she wasn't going to be too hard today.  I'd soon find out!


She stood by the side of the bed and ran her long fingernails down my back, which was just the kind of pain I enjoy. Then I felt her pull down my little panties and immediately the sting of her hand on my naked bottom - a dozen sharp strokes to warm me up, she said.  Oh, yes, this was what I wanted!  


"Now, my slave, you're a nice shade of pink, so I think you're ready for this leather paddle.  This is one of my favourites since it's plain on one side and has studs on the other.  You're going to take 20 of the plain side and then, when your bum is bright red, I'm going to give you half a dozen with the studs to see how much you can take.  Now count the strokes as I give them to you."


The first half dozen were fairly gentle but after about a dozen, I began to feel as if my tender flesh was beginning to burn and my voice started to croak as I called out the numbers.  After 20, my whole bottom felt as if it was on fire and I collapsed onto the bed.


"You've taken that well, my slave," she said as she stroked my painful flesh, "But you were wriggling so much I thought I might have to stop before 20.  Your bum's beautifully red, so I still want to give you ten with the studs, just to see how they mark you.  I want you to look in the mirror tomorrow and the next day and remember this pain!  Now lie still and I'm going to give you three on each cheek."


As I counted the numbers, each one felt more agonising than the last and I breathed a sigh of relief when she finished.


"These studded marks look really good, my slave, and I'm really pleased with my handiwork!  I can think of just one refinement that will make the artwork perfect.  You need to have some lateral stripes between the stud marks, so it looks like I've been playing noughts and crosses on you!  So I'm going to give you another ten strokes with my riding crop and, if you take it well and don't cry out, I'll give you a reward.  But first, I think you need a dose of this magic potion, which'll make the pain even more enjoyable."


She was right.  After two deep breaths from the little bottle, I felt light-headed with my mind floating away from my body.  She ran the whip down my back to tease me again and then she straddled my back and slid both her hands under my chest to squeeze the nipple clamps to remind me of another source of pain as she whispered in my ear some of the other things she was thinking if doing to me.  Despite the pain I was feeling, the adrenaline and endorphins had kicked in and it still turned me on to think of surrendering myself to yet more pain for her pleasure and I told her she could do whatever she wanted just so long as I could worship her beautiful body.


My Mistress seemed to put all her energy into making the final strokes with her riding crop as hard as possible so they stung like hell and, even with the benefit of the magic potion, I had to bite the bed cover to stop myself screaming with the pain - but eventually it ended and a blessed feeling of relief swept over me.


"This is a lovely piece of art," she said, as she massaged my burning flesh, "I wish it would last, like my tattoo, but sadly it'll fade in a week or so.  I think I'll have to try this on my other slaves who enjoy being thrashed!  Now you can have a reward, so pull up your panties and come and kneel in front of me again."


Once I was on my knees, she removed the nipple clamps and then leaned over me, unclipped her bra and let her breasts swing free in front of me.


"Suck my nipples, slave, and now you can run your hands over my body."


The pain in my butt and nipples seemed to disappear as I enjoyed her breasts and stroked her.  Her hands pressed my head harder into her breasts so I took a chance and slid my fingers through the back of her panties to feel her wetness.  To my surprise, she didn't object but, as I tried to go down so I could kiss her pussy, she grabbed my hair and pulled me back.


"Not yet, my slave!  I know exactly where you want to put your tongue but I want to play some more with you first and I've got a real treat for you - something you've asked for in the past and can now have.  So go and lie down, face up, on the bed with your legs spread - make yourself comfortable, I want you to enjoy this, however painful it's going to be!"


I felt a frisson of apprehension as she walked towards me carrying different nipple clamps and a butt plug, with an electric control panel.  She sat on the bed and kissed me while massaging my nipples to make them stand up and then I felt the pain as she put them on me.  Then she tied my hands to the top of the bed.


"Now, my slave, for the butt plug.  I know how you enjoy having a vibrator in you, so even though this is bigger, it should still slide easily into you, especially with this special conducting lube, and then the electrodes on your balls for good measure.  Then I'll connect the electrics and the fun can begin!  Here, have another breath of this magic potion to relax your sphincter"


She was right - the magic potion gave me a lift and I welcomed the the cold tip of the plug against my little hole as she slid it in and stretched me till it was fully home.  She quickly put the electrodes on my balls and connected all the wires.


"I hope you're ready.  I'll start slowly but I want to see you writhing on the bed with the pain and jerking with spasms when I turn it to pulses of power."


The initial electric shocks gave a lovely tingling feeling all over me which turned into pin-pricks and then needle-like stinging as the power increased and, with the effects of the magic potion still in my system, it felt as if my whole body was buzzing with a wonderful combination of pain and excitement.   


"OMG, my Mistress, you won't believe how good this feels!  It's ecstatic and you're so beautiful standing there, please let me kiss your wonderful big breasts and suck your nipples, please let me taste your wetness!" I begged.


"If I give you that pleasure, will you take whatever power I want to give afterwards?"

"Yes, Mistress, you know how turned on I am and how much I want you.  Anything for that pleasure."


I watched spellbound as she slid her fingers between her legs and played with herself until I could see the wetness all over her fingers.  She licked them herself and teased me more by telling me how good she tasted before putting them into my mouth and then kissing me so we shared the taste.  I begged her again to let me suck her nipples and she leaned just far enough over me that they just touched my lip and she could see the frustration in my eyes before she pressed her breast hard onto my fave, practically smothering me so I couldn't breath.  With that wonderful combination of sensations, I could feel pre-cum dripping out of my cock.


My Mistress sensed it too because she pulled away and immediately turned up the power until my face was contorted with the pain and my body writhed as if trying to get away from the stinging insects.  But my hands were tied so I was helpless.


She dropped the power, gave me another puff of magic potion which made me want more.  This time it was pulses of power and, at the highest level, my body jumped off the bed with the pain until I was sweating and had to beg for mercy.


"You're a good tart - you took that well and I'm feeling great!  Now you can have another little reward.  Get up and go and lie on top of the big towel over by the window. I think it's time for some more champagne."


Once I was lying down she came over but I noticed she was carrying only one glass.


"The champagne's for me," she said, "I have something equally tasty for you and I'm sure that as my slutty tart you'll enjoy it!"


As she put her feet either side on my shoulders and straddled me, I had the most beautiful sight as I looked up at her lovely, long, slim legs, her pink pussy lips wide open so I could see right into her, her big breasts and erect nipples, and her face smiling down at me with her beautiful face framed by her long blonde hair.


"Open your mouth.  I'm going to drink my champagne as I give you my own amber nectar and I want you to drink all of it!"  No sooner had she finished saying that than a stream of liquid came out of her and I took all of it into my mouth.  She tasted beautiful.  As he took another sip, she gave me another mouthful until both her glass and her bladder were empty, when she turned and knelt over my mouth.


"Now lick me dry, my slave. And then carry on licking - I want to cum."


Obeying her was a pleasure! Her pussy juices were flowing and they tasted as good as her pee.  The more I licked the wetter her pussy became until she sat straight on top of my mouth and ground herself on me and, as I felt her cumming, she grabbed my cock and started pumping it.  Once she'd cum, she pulled me to my feet and led me back to the bed, where she lay down with her legs apart.


"Now, my slave, I'm going to let you fuck me but, first, I want to cum again, so your tongue had better not be tired!  You're not allowed to put your cock into my cunt till I tell you - and that won't be until I cum at least once more.  Then, as you've been such a good slave today, I'll let you have the option of shooting your spunk into my cunt or pulling out before you cum and letting me finish you off in my mouth."


I went down between her legs, lifted her thighs over my shoulders, and started to lick her again.  She was so wet and turned on that it took hardly any time till she was writhing with pleasure and telling me to put my cock into her.  I rode her slowly until she demanded a faster pace and, when she could tell I was about to cum, she grabbed my nipples and squeezed hard just as all my spunk shot out of me into her - and I had the exquisite pain in my nipples as the volcano burst between my legs and I looked deeply into her yes so she could see the joy she was giving me.


We lay exhausted for a while, caressing each other, in that post-coital glow, finishing the champagne, while she gently stroked my tender bottom and rubbed her fingers along the welts left by her riding whip, and making me promise to send her a photo of the bruises in the morning.  I know that our next session will be as exciting as this one - and she'll have thought up some new ways of us enjoying ourselves!

Feminization and Cock-Sucking Training

By Suzanne CD for Lady Phoenix

Silence. Darkness. An empty room. Sitting alone waiting to be collected to begin my first day at PASS I thought back over the electric 18 hours that had just passed as I enrolled and was inducted into the country’s number one academy for aspiring sissy sluts. I’d arrived late afternoon the day before at The Academy, a discretely located former manor house in the midst of the Berkshire countryside half a mile from Heathrow, set within acres of its own grounds well-away from any roads to maintain confidentiality and keep prying eyes away from the house itself.

Ah yes, PASS – “The Phoenix Academy for Sissy Sluts”, the brainchild of Lady Phoenix, simply one of the most alluring and addictive escorts I had ever met. From an initial meeting in a hotel room in Bristol in 2019 I had become completely hooked on this lady, and after multiple sessions and endless roleplaying as my sissy slut fem-boy persona “Suzanne”, I had agreed to enrol at PASS for a week’s course of feminization and sissy training, surely the ultimate experience for a lifelong crossdresser and transvestite such as I? It certainly hadn’t taken me long to sign up for this week which I had been looking forward to with anticipation now for over six weeks.

After checking in and waving goodbye to my luggage I had been escorted to my room on the second floor where supper was delivered by one of the gorgeous “orderlies” who, like all the others I had glimpsed, was young, female, tall and perfectly attired in a very short, sleeveless PVC dress, thigh-length PVC boots, elbow-length PVC gloves and a figure to die for. Designed to arouse the candidates or a glimpse of what was to be for us aspiring sissys?

After finishing supper, I had been collected by two orderlies (different ones this time, but still both beautifully dressed and utterly gorgeous) and taken to the Phoenix Beauty Suite where over several hours my body was completely waxed to remove all offending hair and leave me smooth from head to toe. My hair was also clipped short to allow the use of a wig as part of the process of feminization. After a lifetime of body hair, it was strange to look at myself in the full-length mirror in my room later, completely smooth. But I liked what I saw, and I could feel my arousal growing rapidly. 

After a somewhat broken night’s sleep, breakfast had been brought to my room and shortly afterwards I was collected once again (this time naked apart from a pair of silk french-knickers left out for me to wear), by the orderlies and taken to the small room I now found myself in, waiting to be collected and taken to my first appointment of the day.

Footsteps approaching in the corridor outside shook me out of my reflection, and I sat up as the key turned in the lock and the door creaked slowly open. On the threshold stood three beautiful women, the lead woman a vision of dominant femininity; tall, slim, sexy and so very clearly in control. She strode confidently into the room and stood over me.

“Good morning Suzanne, I am Mistress Kristina; you will call me Mistress and by no other name. Do you understand?”

I stammered my assent, eyes cast submissively to the floor as Lady Phoenix had instructed during our induction. She circled me twice before stopping in front of me again. 

    “Almost presentable, now all your disgusting hair has been removed! Ha!” She leant in close to me, her warm breath on my skin as she hissed menacingly into my downcast face.

    “Now I hear her Ladyship appears to have some sort of special affection for you, darling Suzanne, but I can assure you that you will receive no special favours from me in your time here at PASS. Quite the opposite in fact – I am going to make your life here very difficult, so make sure you don’t step out of line because if you do”, she paused here and lifted my chin so her piercing dark eyes were inches from my own, “I will be waiting to whip you back into your rightful place!” She laughed loudly and strutted out of the room, turning to look back at me with hands on hips and a look of fierce determination on her face, deepening my feelings of worthlessness and submission. 

    “Candy and Kitty, cuff the sissy slut and let’s get her down to Room 4 for some feminization”

The two gorgeous PVC clad orderlies entered the room, pulling my hands behind my back, clipping the metal handcuffs around my wrists and then secured a studded leather collar around my neck. One of the girls clipped a leash onto the collar and handed me over to the sneering Mistress Kristina. 

    “Come now slut, we have work to do!”.

She led me along the plush corridor, Candy and Kitty walking each side of me slightly behind. Doors off either side of the corridor emitted the occasional groan or thwack of leather on flesh followed by a squeal of pain punctuating the air, until we finally stopped outside a door which Mistress Kristina pushed open and led me inside. She announced my arrival to the two young women waiting inside.

    “This is Sissy Candidate Suzanne girls, desperate to be feminized, so please proceed with full make-up, wig and eyelashes. You know where to take her when you’ve done. Her Ladyship will be in her usual place so don’t be late.”

    She turned to me as I stood just inside the room, eyes downcast again in a show of subservience.

“And you, my little slut, just sit here and do what Jenny and Sarah say. I’ll see you later…”

    She left the room with the two orderlies and closed the door behind her. 

    “Hi, I’m Sarah” said one of the girls in a slight cockney accent. Don’t worry about her, Suzanne, her bark is much worse than her bite, and if you just do as she says you’ll be fine. Come over here now and sit down so Jen and I can prepare you for her ladyship.” 

There was a kindness to her tone which was comforting as it started to hit home that this was happening to me for real. I was to be made up and completely feminized before my first training session.

    Still naked I was invited to sit in front of a large make-up mirror and a smock top was thrown over my head and around my neck. Jen reached behind me and removed the handcuffs while Sarah unbuckled the leather collar.

    “What was your first session honey?” Asked the other girl as she carefully applied foundation to my face.

    “Cock-sucking training with Her Ladyship” I replied

    Sarah squealed with delight at this and both girls cooed with excitement.

    “You are so lucky to have that as your first experience here at PASS, and with her Ladyship too – she must think a lot of you” said Jenny. “All us girls would love the chance to spend some time in the training room with the guys that her Ladyship brings in. They are all utterly drop-dead gorgeous, and such beautiful cocks on offer too. You’re gonna have a ball.”

    “There are plenty of balls on offer in there, that’s for certain” chipped in Sarah, and both girls collapsed into fits of giggles at her clever little quip.

15 minutes later my face had been transformed. I was exquisitely made-up by these two beauties and looked more feminine than I had ever thought possible. The eyeliner, eyeshadow, false lashes and dark red lipstick looked quite stunning and the stirring in my loins confirmed my growing arousal.

    “Her ladyship wants you in a long dark wig I think so can you go and grab me a C3 out of the cupboard please Jen?” asked Sarah as she applied the finishing touches to my lips.

Jenny returned shortly afterwards with a beautiful wig of dark auburn hair which together they slipped onto my head and once in place, cascaded sensuously down my back. It fitted perfectly and gripped just enough to stay firmly in place without being too tight. A big step-up from the cheap wigs I’d bought for myself in the past, and together with the make-up I felt I was starting to believe the roll I had signed up for at PASS.

    “Okay sweetheart that’s you all done” said Sarah in that slight cockney twang. She pulled the smock off my naked body to reveal the outline of my erect cock straining to be released from within my silk knickers.

    “Ooooooo, who’s a bit turned on then eh?”

She reached down and slid her warm hand inside the silky material and around my thick shaft, squeezing me gently.

    “I think we’d better save this for later hadn’t we sweetheart? We don’t want to shoot our load too early on our first day, do we? Her ladyship would be very unhappy.”

    Her warm breath on my face only added to my arousal, but Jen replaced the collar and leash and drew me to my feet.

    “Good luck sweetheart” said Sarah. “Jen, take her into Room 7 so she’s ready for when Lady Phoenix comes to collect her in a bit.”

And with that I was led out of a door at the back of the room, through two more rooms until we reached a small room with scarlet wallpaper and Italianate furniture.

    “Lady Phoenix will be here to get you in a few minutes love,” said Jenny. “Take your knickers off so you’re completely naked and don’t play with yourself in the meantime. You’re going to have lovely time with her this morning so try and think about something else and she’ll be here in no time at all. Seeya!”

And with that she left me, locking the door behind her.

Alone again. Another dimly let room but this time a full-length mirror in the corner was there to relieve the boredom, so I took the chance to have a quick look at Sarah and Jenny’s handy work after slipping my silky drawers off and laying them over the back of a chair. 

I was blown away when I saw myself standing there naked, semi erect and looking like the sissy girl I had always aspired to be. My eyes looked sensational, far better than I had ever been able to manage looking into the pokey mirror in some hotel room somewhere or in the dusty attic at home on the rare occasion I found to get fully glammed up. I shook my long auburn locks so I could feel them brushing against my back and waited with anticipation for the next part of this exquisite experience.

    I didn’t have to wait long before the key turned in the lock and in strode Lady Phoenix herself. 

    “Suzanne, how lovely to see you after such a while. And just look at you in your ultra-feminine make-up and wig – you look sensational!”

    “Thank you, your Ladyship, it’s really excellent to see you again, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to be here at long last.”

    She giggled deliciously, “You don’t need to tell me how excited you are, just look at this”. And with that she launched her gloved hand between my legs and took my erection in her hand, squeezing it sensuously and giving it a couple of strokes.

    “Ah yes I remember you were pretty well catered for down there. But you need to put all thoughts of that out of your mind for the moment. We need to get you dressed, so follow me and let’s see what we can find for you.

    She strode off into the adjoining room as I trailed behind her. The next room was a long space with fitted wardrobes all down the left-hand side. Phoenix went to the third wardrobe and drew both doors open. Inside she pulled out a wide flat draw and ran her hand over the contents within.

    “Now, darling Suzanne, if memory serves me correctly, you’re a fan of black and shiny - am I right?”

    “Yes Mistress, I am” I replied.

    “Let’s see what we have here then, for an aspiring cock-hungry sissy such as you.”

    Muttering to herself she held up a deep suspender belt made of the blackest, shiniest, smooth material.

    “Looks to be a 10-12 so should fit you well. Pop it on now girl and don’t waste time.”

I slid the dark material around my waist and fastened the clasp in front of me before sliding it to the small of my back. A perfect fit! Lady Phoenix was already handing me a pair of the finest, sheerest silk stockings, and I needed no encouragement to slid these up my ultra-smooth legs and then fasten them firmly to the suspender belt. A pair of tiny black wet-look panties were handed in my direction next and I stepped into them and slid them up into place trying as best I could to contain my bulging erection within them.

    “Hmm, not bad so far girl. Now we need to find you some breasts.”

    She walked to the next wardrobe and opening the door pulled down a couple of breast-corsets, a neat invention to transform a male torso into a female one.

    “These will do nicely. This one is a double C cup which will suffice for the moment. Turn around.”

    I turned and felt her pass the latex material around my front, helping my arms through the straps and then pulling it tight behind me until it was tightly clasped together behind me. I looked down to see a pair of perfectly pert gorgeous breasts that were so lifelike and natural I could have passed for a Page 3 model any day of the week! I felt the smoothness of the latex skin under my fingers and couldn’t resist squeezing the hard brown nipples that topped these amazons of sex. So realistic and so sexy!

    “Well, well, well Suzanne, you’re starting to look the perfect sissy slut already. Very nice breasts, very natural. Now, bra…….”

    With that she opened a higher drawer in the wardrobe and pulled out a black wet-look bra and handed it to me.

    “This one is rather lovely. It has some spandex in it so should stretch nicely over your pert breasts.”

I slipped my arms through the straps and pulled the cups over my new breasts. It felt truly amazing to be able to fasten this beautiful lingerie onto my very own breasts and smooth it into place.

    “Looking good now Suzanne. Bra and panties, suspender belt and stockings – you’re starting to look very much the modern sissy that you really are! Now, I’m thinking tight leather dress for you today. Agreed?”

    “Yes, Mistress, that would be amazing. I feel amazing, thank you” My mouth was dry, but I truly felt so feminine it was beyond words.

    Into the next wardrobe Phoenix ran her hands along a rack of dresses, pulling out a black dress near the end of the run.

    “Here you go my little sissy, this gorgeous Italian leather dress ought to fit you rather well, pop it on and let’s see.”

     I took the dress from her and immediately felt the supreme quality in my hands. Undoing the zip, I stepped into the dress and drew it slowly up my body. It was sleeveless but fitted me perfectly, the final touches being applied by her Ladyship as she pulled my long dark hair to one side before fastening the zip to the nape of my neck and securing the hook and eye at the top. A perfect fit!

    “Oh, just look at you Suzanne, you look wonderful. How does it feel?”

    “Oh, Lady Phoenix it feels superb to be here and be dressed by you like this. It’s all I ever dreamed of it really is. I feel so sexy and so feminine. Thank you for dressing me and making me up”

    “Well, you look fabulous so far, but there’s plenty more to come I can assure you. Now, we need some boots and gloves so come along here. Size 10 I am presuming?”

    At the wardrobe at the end of the room a pair of rich Italian leather thigh boots were extracted and passed to me. I gladly took them and slid them up my smooth stockinged legs, drawing the zippers up the back until they were  both neatly in place. Finally, I was passed a pair of quality leather elbow-length gloves which I smoothed up my arms and which completed the slutty picture of me. 

    Phoenix guided me carefully to the large mirror at the end of the room, my heels clicking on the stone floor as I lazily threw one leg in front of the other, and stood me in front of it. 

“There now Suzanne, what do you think of that?” she crooned.

I was in awe at the sight of myself fully and properly dressed as a woman. I struggled to stop my stiffening cock show through the leather dress, but I knew I was fighting a losing battle as far as that was concerned. Dressing up as a woman had always been a massive turn-on for as long as I could remember, so to be taken in hand like this and to be completely feminized in such an open way felt truly wonderful.

“You look simply amazing darling, perfectly attired for your first training session – cock-sucking training. Do you think you are ready for this my little sissy?” she asked.

“Yes Mistress, I am ready to suck cock however you would like me to. Dressed like this I will do anything you want me too” I quietly agreed.

“Well, Suzanne, we have six young slaves in the room next door awaiting your arrival, so come with me and ready yourself for some real sissy training. I know you’re going to love it, just as much as they are.”

She winked as she turned away and pushed the door behind her open. I followed her through into a room lit with a deep red light. As the door opened, I saw along the right-hand wall 6 large screen flat TVs showing hard-core porn, each screen identical with the sounds of a young woman being fucked hard filling the room. When my eyes rested upon the left-hand wall though, my mouth fell open with amazement. Six St Andrews crosses were leant back against the wall, each of them with a fit young muscular guy securely strapped in place with thick leather bindings around waist, thighs ankles, wrists and neck.

Phoenix turned to me. “I see you are shocked Suzanne. Don’t be - this is the shape of things to come, forgive the pun, and you need to be properly trained as a sissy slut so let’s get down to business, shall we? Follow me”

She started to idle along the room carefully inspecting each cross, and the male bodies strapped to them. She stopped at the second cross.


“Number nine Lady Phoenix.” Replied the male slave, his cock twitching involuntarily as he spoke.

“Last ejaculation?”

“Yesterday your Ladyship”

“Hmmm….too recent….I need someone with more pent-up desire”

She moved to the next cross.

“Your number, slave?”

“Thirteen Mistress” he replied.

“And the last time you came?” 

“Two days ago I think Lady Phoenix”

Hmmmm……still too recently. Anyone would think this place was a sex club!” She laughed briefly as she strutted along another two crosses until she stood before a gorgeous looking guy with a huge thick erection which jutted invitingly towards the ceiling.

“Number, boy?”

“Number seventeen Mistress”

“What a nice big cock you have Number Seventeen. Very stiff and hard and deliciously thick. When did you last come?”

“I can’t remember Lady Phoenix”

“Aha!” exclaimed Phoenix, “Perfect! You’re the one for us!”

She beckoned me over and I slowly and seductively clipped towards her on my heels until we were both standing either side of Number Seventeen. He fidgeted a little nervously behind his leather bindings as Lady Phoenix moved alongside him.

“This, Number Seventeen, is Suzanne. As you can see, she is beautifully attired in wet-look and leather and just loves the idea of using her mouth to pleasure a real man like you.”

“Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress,” he replied as he cast his eyes down my feminine body “but I’m not sure how long I can hold back as it’s been such a long time…….” His voice trailed off to silence and the air became heavy with malice.

As the sound of the girl being fucked hard on the screens reached a crescendo, Lady Phoenix moved closer to him and whispered loudly “Well I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the entertainment I laid on for you, but you know the rules. You won’t come until you have my express permission. Not one second before – do you understand Number seventeen?”

“Yes Mistress, I understand” was the reply.

Phoenix stood back again and turned to me.

“Now Suzanne, it’s time for your training to begin. When it comes to sucking cock I always say “less is more”. Start slow, tease him, work him slowly to begin, build to a crescendo until he can’t hold it back any longer. It doesn’t look like number seventeen is going to take much working up today thought does it?”

She reached out her gloved hand and slid her fingers around his thick shaft. He moaned loudly and gasped with pleasure as she slowly moved her hand up and down his thick cock two or three times.

“On your knees now girl in front of him”

I knelt on a conveniently place cushioned stool between his legs, his thick member inches from my face whilst I felt my cock pulse its own need inside my tight little panties.

“Now, start by kissing and licking his gorgeous balls.”

I put my hands on his muscular thighs as I leant in and pushed my mouth into the warm flesh at the base of his thick shaft, opening my mouth and licking his smooth ball-sack, flicking my wet tongue back and forth and taking each of his balls into my mouth one at a time. The sweet aroma of his flesh was intoxicating as I tasted his skin, planting deep kisses around his balls and the base of his straining cock.

“Now, slowly work your way up his shaft with your tongue and lips” Phoenix instructed.

I duly obliged and with a wide wet tongue licked from the base of his thick shaft to the tip.

“Now take a firm grip at the base of his cock and circle the crown with your wet tongue.”

I followed Lady Phoenix’s instructions to the letter, luxuriating in the feel of his smooth wide crown under my tongue as I rounded the tip. Round and round I wound my eager tongue as Number Seventeen groaned with ecstasy at my oral ministrations. I desperately wanted to take his beautiful big cock in my mouth and lick and suck it for all I was worth but knew that I had to follow my Mistress’s strict instructions if I was to become the sissy slut I wanted to be.

“Now purse your wet lips and slide just the tip in and out of your mouth, no further yet”

I duly obliged as the moans from my sexual subject grew louder and louder.

“Be quiet, Number seventeen” hissed Phoenix menacingly, “No-one wants to hear from you – well not yet anyway”. She then moved and took up position behind me, her legs firmly planted either side of mine as she leant in close and put her head just to the side of mine, her warm breath on my face as I continued to lick and suck the tip of this delicious cock.

“Now I think we can consider Number Seventeen to be aroused” she sniggered, “So now it’s time to take his gorgeous cock in your mouth, so lick up to the top and then plunge his cock right to the back of your throat.”

This couldn’t come soon enough for me as I was also hugely turned-on and ready to do anything I was instructed to. I followed the instructions to the letter, positioning my mouth over the tip of his enormous thick hard cock and then opening my mouth and sliding his length into my willing orifice. I pushed his thick shaft right to the back of my throat whilst flicking my tongue underneath his hard meat causing him to moan loudly again. The taste and feel of his thick hard cock in my mouth was total ecstasy and I my tongue worked hard around his member as I sucked and licked for all I was worth. 

“Now take it right to the back of your throat and hold it there for as long as you can” my teacher’s insistent voice dictated, as her gloved hand landed on the back of my head and forced me hard onto Number Seventeen’s erection, pushing him deep into the back of my throat. 

I couldn’t breathe as my whole mouth was filled with thick hard cock and I felt ready to shoot my own load in this ecstasy of force and pleasure. After what seemed an eternity, Her Ladyship allowed me to pull back, and I gagged and choked as streams of my saliva cascaded down his thick shaft and dribbled off his smooth balls gathering a in a pool on the floor between his legs.

“Again!” shouted Phoenix, pushing my head down onto the thick shaft again, holding me in position once more, unable to breathe but lost in a swirling carousel of ecstasy, pleasuring this enormous cock at the behest of my beautiful mentor, feeling the thick veins on his shaft pulsating with his desire, his huge tip growing and receding as his whole body tensed in a futile attempt to hold back his impending explosion. Once again, I was held in place until I thought I would pass out, but once again I was released in a gagging choking mess, my saliva spilling over my chin and coating his thick member, falling to the floor beneath us.

Several more times I was forced onto his cock, until Lady Phoenix grabbed me by the hair and pushed my face into his hardness and ordering me to lick and suck his shaft until I had cleaned all my spit off his cock.

“I don’t think poor old Number Seventeen is going to last much longer now Suzanne, so shall we give him the release he so badly craves?”

“Yes, Mistress” I replied

“What about you boy, do you want this slutty little sissy cross-dresser to make you come?”

“Oh yes Mistress, please mistress, I do want that Mistress” number seventeen replied frantic almost in his tone.

“Ha! Excellent! Get to work then Suzanne. You’re going to go all the way this time and give this young man what he wants, and you’re going to get what all sissy sluts deserve too – a huge mouthful of cum! Now, I want you to take his thick cock in your mouth again and use your lips and tongue to bring him to full orgasm. Lots of sucking, take his cock to the back of your throat, feel every contour of his gorgeous shaft and imagine your mouth is a girl pussy, willing and ready to be used. It won’t take long for Number Seventeen to cum, you mark my words!”

I needed no further encouragement, slipping my hand around the base of his cock, pulling it down to face me, slipping it deep to the back of my yearning mouth, rubbing his smooth tip against the roof of my mouth and the back of my throat. I gripped the shaft with my lips and used my tongue, sopping-wet with saliva to mimic the feeling of girl pussy. My lips traced the contours of his hard shaft as I bobbed my head faster and faster up and down his straining manhood, tasting my own lipstick as it slowly smeared along his full length as my mouth slid frantically up and down him. 

“Oh God, yes….oh yes, oh please don’t stop…..oh you’re gonna make me cum, oh god I’m gonna cum” he moaned.

“That’s it Suzanne, it sounds like you’re doing the right thing here, keep it going, keep sucking that huge cock and you’ll get your reward very soon,” encouraged Lady Phoenix as she held my long auburn hair up behind my head

My hapless subjects body started to tense and relax and despite his bonds he tried to thrust his hips into my face.

“Oh God Mistress, please may I cum, I so need to cum, I can’t stop it now, I must cum” he pleaded with Lady Phoenix as the pressure mounted within him.

Lady Phoenix giggled deliciously. “Yes, Number seventeen, you have my permission to cum inside this sissy’s mouth. Shoot your whole load into her waiting sissy mouth but Suzanne, remember, not a drop is to be spilled and no swallowing until I say so.”

I increased the rhythm of my cock sucking, pushing the thick cock in and out, in and out, faster and faster, gripping his shaft with my lips to heighten his feelings of desire. I could feel the tension growing and his climax approaching. 

And then suddenly it happened.

Number seventeen groaned loudly, his cock thickened and stiffened in my mouth and then exploded with enormous force as he gasped and grunted loudly, pumping thick streams of hot spunk into the back of my throat and filling my mouth; two, three four times his cock pulsed as his whole body shook with the force of his orgasm. I closed my throat to stop the warm sex liquid slipping down my throat and rolled my tongue, heavy with his smooth hot cum-juice, round and round and round his gloriously satisfied cock.

“Now, Suzanne, head-up and open your mouth for me to inspect please” instructed Phoenix behind me.

I turned, still kneeling, and tilted my head back, looking into the admiring eyes of my leather clad Mistress, and opened my mouth, showing her the cum-filled contents for her inspection.

“Wow you were ready for that weren’t you, Number Seventeen. What a good boy to hold on so long for your Mistress today.” She crooned. “And very well done to you too Suzanne, my newest sissy recruit, for bringing this young man to satisfaction with your mouth. I bet you didn’t know what an effective tool your lips and tongue could, be did you?”

I shook my head briefly and looked imploringly at my Mistress as she pressed an index finger to my chin and pushed my jaw shut, closing my mouth. Leaning in and kissing me tenderly on my closed lips she whispered two words into my face “Now swallow”.

I gladly gulped the mouthful of cum juice down my throat, licking around the inside of my mouth and making sure I enjoyed the taste of every last drop. 

“Open wide and show me, Suzanne” Lady Phoenix instructed, her controlling tone rendering me unable to disobey. As I opened my mouth for her inspection, she confirmed her satisfaction with a peremptory “Hmm-mm” and, just to confirm her mastery and position as my Mistress, produced a large globule of her spit which she carefully dropped into my open mouth.

“Just confirming that you know who is in charge in this relationship Suzanne. Ha! Now, what do you say to your Mistress after a lovely session like this that I laid on for you?”

“Thank you so much Mistress for showing me how to suck cock. I really enjoyed the feeling of his shaft in my mouth and loved it when he came in my mouth. I’m so turned on now dressed in my wet look lingerie and leather dress. I will do anything you say” I replied.

“Well, at PASS good things come to those who wait. You’re going back to your room now for an hour or so and then I have a little treat laid on for you this afternoon which I have called “Threesome Fun”. I will be taking control of this session too. You’re only here a week and I think you need to get to know some of the other guests as soon as you can. After your excellent performance this morning I’m very much looking forward to seeing what you can achieve with a couple of your fellow inmates”

With that she pressed a button that rang a bell in the distance and two of the beautiful orderlies arrived to take me back to my room. As we left, I heard Lady Phoenix turn to the heavily strapped male slaves in the room and say “So, which one of you am I going to use to satisfy my own burning and lustful needs then?” and felt a pang of regret that I was not allowed to stay and watch Her Ladyship take her satisfaction from them. I knew however that my own needs would now be met later in the day, and I returned to my room with the taste of warm cum in my mouth eager for my next lesson to begin.

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