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I normally operate from private apartments and hotels in central London. I tour regulary around the UK and now can offer Fly Me To You.

Please read about my Kinky GFE and Femdom services. Please specify which service you require on making a booking.


Domination sessions with Me are fun, sensuous, dynamic and passionate. I have developed My Dom side over the years, having had experience as both a sub and Dom, so I have great empathy with My submissives. This does not mean I am not sadistic though! I love to explore pain and humiliation, but I bring much sensuality to my sessions. Think of Me as a nurturing step-mum, nanny, teacher or best friend, who only wants to bring the best out in you...whatever it takes. I enjoy and sometimes allow body worship, and find this a good reward for you completing your tasks successfully. But I do deal out punishments too, in the form of denial, pain or psychological menace. I love planning imaginative scenarios ahead of meetings, and if you fully submit to me, you will find them exciting, demeaning, playful and perhaps even painful. I really enjoy wearing latex for My domination sessions, whether it's a catsuit, bodysuit, leggings or lingerie, but I look like your ultra-sleek dominatrix of your dreams in shiny black rubber.

Here are some of the domination services and scenarios I offer:

Tie & Tease 101: I will bind you to My bed with shibari rope so that you are unable to move and I am in control. I will lead you on a journey of edging until I finally allow you to explode. This experience may involve other sensation play, sensory deprivation, JOI, light CBT and CEI, depending on how mean I'm feeling and how adventurous you're willing to be! I might even allow you to worship My pussy and ass, but you must control yourself and cum on My demand!

Tie & Tease 201: This is not for the faint-hearted, and takes things further. Not only will you cum on demand under restraint, but I will subject you to all manner of sensations throughout! Prepare for nipple torture, spitting, CBT, electrical play, medical play, wax play...see how far you can go before you explode. I might even release you for a watersports finale as you cum!


Erotic Hypnosis: Being a trained and skilled Hypnotherapist, you can lose yourself in My deep hypnotic power while I guide you into a world you never thought you belonged in. What is it that you'd like to do that the power of Erotic Hypnosis can lead you to? Better orgasms, orgasm control, being a good, obedient slave, dressing in ladies' lingerie: these are all things I have hypnotised my submissives to do, and more...

Pegging and prostate play: I have a number of strap ons and and dildos ranging from 5” to 17” in length, but best of all, I know how to work My hips. I can give a gentle and sensual introduction if you're a newbie, or an ass-gasm session for the more experienced. Whether you're inexperienced or not, you will truly melt when you encounter one of My fabulous prostate massages, which I've honed over years of getting to know men intimately... 

Corporal Punishment: I love My collection of implements, from paddle, flogger, and dragon tail, through to crop, strap and cane. But they are nothing without a bare bottom to use them on. I might add that I have a firm hand, and will deliver a medium to hard spanking over my knee if you misbehave!

Foot worship: I adore My pretty little size 5 feet being worshipped by My foot sluts. It can be arranged for you to massage them, kiss them and treat them as the Goddess's feet that They are. Whether bare foot, in stockings, in tights or in Louboutins, you will be begging for more and more...and if you are very good I will finish you off with a fabulous foot job.

Chastity and Orgasm denial: I will be your nurturing Mistress who locks you away and keeps the key. I will chide you about how you no longer need your manhood at the same time as teasing you unforgivingly. Submit to me and be caged until I'm ready to free you.

Sissifcation: Be the best gurl you can be and treat yourself to some time in My company, while I chastise you for trying on my satin panties and take you the whole way to being a sissy! My sissy wardrobe is packed with an array of frilly, satin, PVC, lacy items of clothing for you to try on, whether you're a prissy sissy, a stylish sissy, a slutty sissy, or a combination!


Cross Dressing Transformations: If you are looking for some direction with your feminisation, look no further. I have a lot of experience with this and have changed lives through building the confidence of CDs who want help with their wardrobe, hair, makeup, deportment, and generally feeling like a woman from the inside out

THE PHOENIX LAIR: NEW FOR 2022! I now have my own studio for My femdom sessions, in the heart of Central London, close to a major railway/underground station. The Lair is well equipped for the type of sessions mentioned above and can be discreetly accessed.


I will be your fantasy girlfriend and treat you with true passion, real intimacy and genuine connection. I offer a full service GFE with all that you would expect from a safe and fun encounter with a classy cougar. Whether we have a dinner date, go to the theatre, visit an art exhibition or a simple boudoir rendezvous, I will ignite you sexually and intellectually with my cerebral charm, filthy talk and bedroom skills. I want to dress up for you in the finest lingerie, fully fashioned stockings and heels and have you kiss me all over while you undress me. I want to keep you captivated while we deliver pure divine pleasure to each other. And I want you to have an unforgettable encounter burned into your brain that will leave you addicted to me. If you feel a bit shy, why not engage in some roleplay with me? I will be your step mum, nurse, boss, yoga teacher or schoolmistress. The possibilities are endless!


Being bisexual, one of the delights of my work is meeting committed couples who want to bring some spice into their sex lives by inviting a highly confident, empathic and sexually experienced third party along into their beds....that would be me. Whether you are a couple seeking a simple threesome or whether one of you wants to dominate the other with me, I can help you bring a new dynamic to the bedroom. How adventurous are you?


I also offer couples' training to help you improve your sex lives. There are two avenues for this: the tantric route or the BDSM route. You may be interested in bringing more sexual connection into your relationship to become more in tune with each other and each other's bodies. Or you may be interested in exploring power dynamics, impact play and other facets of domination and submission. Allow me to be your personal guide into these worlds, and I will be as hands-on or hands-off as you feel comfortable with.


If you want me to recommend a partner to complement me, I have many girlfriends (full service and dommes) that I work with who will be happy to join us for a session, plus male friends for f*rced bi and cuckolding, and also TS friends. Please give reasonable notice (i.e. one week) for me to invite someone else.



1 HOUR  - £300

90 MINUTE  - £450

2 HOURS - £550

3 HOURS - £800




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